Think Renaissance Italy, but the city leaders are all dragons. Welcome to Dragons of Tirenia.

Dragons of Tirenia is a campaign setting designed for use within the fifth edition of the world's largest roleplaying ruleset (but we would like to expand it out to other rulesets in the future).

We will be releasing the setting as a series of free and paid zines with setting details and adventures you can play either in Tirenia, or in your own medieval/renaissance roleplaying campaign setting. The zines also feature stunning art by Polina Bliss, and our logo/mascot Piccino, designed by Ryan Wong. So far, there is one zine available: Introductory Guide, featuring the adventure 'Double Cross'. The next one will be a guide on the biggest city, Fiumenze.

While you wait for more, there's other things to check out. We streamed a campaign set in this world on Twitch and Youtube. James blogged about the creation process. We also created merch, mostly just because we wanted to buy the stuff for ourselves. We also did a podcast episode about the setting.

To receive updates when we make a new zine, event, or anything else related to Dragons of Tirenia please visit the Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/dragonsoftirenia or, if you absolutely do not to Facebook (fair enough) follow the Sky Bear Games Blog.



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