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Our Vision
We will improve the world
with the fun and thought-provocation
of our stories
and by providing to others
inspirational opportunities
to tell their own stories.

Our Mission
We create
narratively-rich stories
through games and other media
to entertain, inspire and challenge
our audience.


Who or what is Sky Bear Games?  


Kiwi couple Claire and James Dunning love to make and play games. Roleplaying Game Masters, board game and computer game designers, they made games for their friends and each other for a long time before even considering taking their ideas to the world. Their first game available for retail was Cat Capers, a board game published by Cheeky Parrot Games. Then they broke into the world of PC gaming with The Nine Lives of Nim: Fortune's Fool, and the following year Wonderland Nights: White Rabbit's Diary. Their current major project is the RPG campaign setting Dragons of Tirenia, but there are always many more games in the works! Their inspirations include their toddler Arthur, their cat Nimue, and their bunnies Belladonna and Rudigar. Follow Sky Bear Games's progress with weekly updates at



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