Dragons of Tirenia

Dragons of Tirenia is a roleplaying campaign setting which brings together a deep historical study of the Italian Renaissance with the brutality and majesty of the apex monster of tabletop roleplay, the dragon.

Kickstarter Campaign coming in 2021. Introductory Guide and Adventure Module Double Cross available on or DriveThruRPG.

Wonderland Nights: White Rabbit's Diary

WINNER - Excellence in Narrative at the Pavs 2021, and Finalist - Excellence in Visual Arts!

Multi-task and micromanage your way to a better fate for all of Wonderland! Wonderland Nights: White Rabbit's Diary, available on Steam and Also available in Chinese. Coming soon to Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

The Nine Lives of Nim: 
 Fortune's Fool 

Shakespeare meets faerie tales - find the Prince, or find a different life in The Nine Lives of Nim: Fortune's Fool, available on Steam and

Coming soon to Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Fortune's Fool is featured as a hand-picked game here.

Her Jentle Hi-ness

Save Eorina from saying the wrong thing in front of the mad Queen Miriam! Demo available on, estimated release late 2021.

Cat Capers

Be a cat for a day with the board game Cat Capers!


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