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My name is Claire Ahuriri-Dunning: storyteller, mother, wife, musician, non-binary, Māori and Pakeha, indie game dev, software tester, teacher, thespian, gamer, animal enthusiast, aspiring novelist, fantasy and sci-fi nerd, among many other hats.
I am an award-winning writer in the following mediums: video game writing, roleplaying game writing, playwriting.
I am all about the story, in whichever medium I am working in. I want my audiences to be entertained, inspired, challenged, and empowered through my narratives, or better yet, the frameworks I make which invite them to create their own meaning.
I value authenticity, creativity, humour, industriousness, persistence, freedom, independence, compassion, and fairness.

My Works

Current Project: Finally getting my doorstopper romantic fantasy novel series to a point where I am happy with it. It's been with me for fifteen years now, but only now do I feel like I have the skills and the personal growth needed to tackle it in a way that I can be truly proud of it. Watch this space!

Previous work:

- My plays are available on Playmarket:

- I worked with my husband James to create the Dragons of Tirenia setting (and am writing some novels set in that world, watch this space!):

- I write and develop my own video games, which can be found here:

- I have a tumblr

- Many more works are out there currently, and I will collect them over time. I've sort of let things just fall where they may over the years. I'm doing a little bit of openly available fanfiction on tumblr over here, using my novel characters but in different fandom settings:

- One old repository can be found here (but it's pretty rough!):

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